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For some morning content, don't you just hate Alf?


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Our resident angry guy, Jaredoflondon, wrote up a list of his favorite least favorite things about the Dynasty That Never Was:

  • Chris 'I'll fight anyone smaller than me' Neil, This gap toothed wonder is a walking commercial for birth control. Face washes, hit and runs, and picking guys 6 inches shorter and 30lbs lighter to fight, You're not Chara, Neil, you can find someone your own size to pick on.
  • Jason 'Giggles' Spezza not being able to go a whole interview without
    chortling like a group of potheads exchanging Simpsons quotes. King of the no look pass, feeds off of the souls of kittens, or atleast thats what I've heard.
  • They reside in Ottawa, home of "The Man" and no one likes the government.
  • The S-s-s-stuttering Spartan. Actually, this is a good thing, they will NEVER live that down.
  • Their core fan base is made up mostly of no-good turncoats. These fair weather fans had better bring their umbrellas this year. And no, you can't come back to our side when Tavares wins the Leafs the cup in 2010-2011.
  • Their fans 'Lets boo the other teams captain because they boo ours'. On the scale of origionality this rates close to barb-wire arm tattoos.
  • We own their barn when the Leafs are in town. C'mon now, that is just so very sad.
  • They think the cups from the 20's count for something even. Lest we forget that they didn't exist for 1000 years or so between then and now.
  • They made Trojan brand condoms a boycot for Leaf fans everywhere. Now what am I supposed to buy? Lifestyles? That sounds like a womans magazine and makes me uncomfortable.
  • They are the Ottawa [Freakin]' Senators, what other reason do you need?

Feel free to post your favorite Senators moments in the comments below! I'm personally a big fan of this one: