One of my favorite goals ever scored by someone in a Leafs uniform was scored by the Toronto Maple Leafs new Special Assistant to the General Manager. That man's name is Joe Nieuwendyk, and he scored the winning goal in a 4-1 shit-kicking of the Ottawa Senators on April 19, 2004. I know this, because I still have the game on my Tivo. This was another in a long line of Leafs cleaning out the barn and kicking the swine out of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

This was the game where the Leafs went up three nothing in the first and simutaneously ruined the careers and reputations of Jacques Martin, and Patrick "I Got It! I Got It! I Got It! I Don't Got It!" Lalime. Nieuwendyk scored the game winner in the first with a wrist shot that beat Lalime short side. A goal that even Ottawa homer Darren "I'm From Nepean" Pang said, "That goal shouldn't go in in October, and it shouldn't go in now!"

My favorite thing though, and the reason I still look at it, is the great game call by ESPN's Steve Levy, who yelled, after the first Nieuwendyk goal, "...and it's getting away from Lalime and the Senators early!" 4 years later, it makes me smile just to think about it. Also: I now know what my tombstone will say.

The Senators signed Jason Smith on Tuesday. Smith's a hard-nose guy we know from his Leafs tenure and subsequent leadership of the Oilers. Since mon partener Moose is an Oil lover, I emailed him and asked him for some first hand info I could use for this post. Moose was his usual help by replying:

"                                                                                                                                           "

Great job, thanks buddy. Appreciate the effort.

Smith now with Ottawa brings the number of people/things who would be a better captain than that dickless wonder Danielle Alfredsson to an even 250,000,000, the latest additions being Smith, a broken skateboard, and KoKo, the sign language gorilla.


"...a definite upgrade at captain..." - Ottawa Citizen

  • Remember that movie that was made where the Leafs and NHL gave permission to use their logos and likenesses in the film? No dummy, I'm not talking about "The Love Guru", I'm speaking of Breakfast With Scot. It's the one where a character in the film is a gay guy who plays for Toronto. Its found a distributor, and will be out this fall. We should all be proud that the Leafs did this.
  • A thousand thank you's to Steve, who writes about Nieuwendyk when I need him too the most.
  • When the great Thomas Hobbes established the terms with which we've come define political philosophy, he never could have imagined that one day, those terms would also include "Push-Up Bra With Gel Curve". We have the loveliness of Wrap Around Curl to thank for that.
  • And finally, in the happiness file, a bunch of assholes got together in Malibu over the 4th holiday and hung out with the Cup. /

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