Happy Tuesday everyone.

Once again, I'm your guest host from the little blog that could Bitter Leaf Fan, posting on what seems like day 53 of PPP's vacation.

I was in the LCBO in Belleville on Saturday  (had to stop for reinforcements before hitting my parents in Kingston) and was suprised to see that they're raffling off a never worn Andrew Raycroft jersey. (Ah, who's kidding who? It probably was game worn - there were no puck marks on it).

Surprisingly, there were a whole lot of ballots still available...Perhaps Navin can "win" the jersey and perform some sort of  sacrificial ritual with it.

In other, somewhat related, Leafs news:

  • Sean at Down Goes Brown provides five solid pieces of advice to Bryan McCabe: one piece of advice for every McCabe own-goal last year
  • Moose and Greener go all Venus and Johnny Fever (or maybe Les and Herb)
  • David Johnson doesn't think the Leafs are bad enough to get into the Tavares sweepstakes (maybe he thnks McCabe will heed Sean's advice)
  • Steve looks at Stajan's new deal and hopes for more from Mr. Stajan
  • The Leafs have announced details for their prospect camp (Wellwood obviously was out picking up a party pack of timbits during the classes on nutrition, injury prevention and mental preparation)
  • The Reading Royals are rumoured to be the Leafs new ECHL affiliate. Due to a surprising contract from the Avalanche, dozens of children in developing nations will receive never-worn Reading Royals Andrew Raycroft jerseys (and possibly a Leafs' #1 jersey from a "lucky" Belleville resident)
  • The Lightning sign Mark Recchi to an incentive-rich one-year deal. Had the Leafs inked this deal, Canadian media types would have taken to the streets like rage infected monkeys, killing everything in their path (most likely a death inflicted via boredom, hackneyed reporting and outrageous rumours)
  • Wyshnyski looks at the horrible terrifying interesting entries in CBC's Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song Competition. I think anything resembling the NES Tecmo Superbowl theme circa 1991 would be the optimal choice.

Please use the comments to let me know what links, hot stories and compelling rumours I've missed. And please, don't forget to tip your waitress...