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Rogers and HNIC: We Have the Facts and We're Voting No

Last week, Rogers got their first look at TV ratings for their 12 year, $5 billion NHL rights and it wasn't pretty. Viewership is down across the board. Michael Forbes takes a look at what might be causing such dismal ratings...

An Inside Look at the Leafs' Approach to Advanced Stats

Pension Plan Puppets recently chatted with Chid Finds the little-known assistant to Toronto Maple Leafs assistant coach, videographer and statistical analyst Chris Dennis. Here’s a transcript of the interview. We’d like to thank the Leafs for making him available...

On the Leafs, lockouts, blowouts and checking-out

Boy, wouldn't It be nice if being a fan was just a little bit easier?

44 Days without NHL Hockey

In terms of Lenten sacrifices, turns out that giving up non-Leafs hockey was not nearly as hard as giving up coffee or peanut M&Ms.

Maple Leafs vs. Sabres: A 7 year old's perspective

Old Man Forbes took his young son to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Buffalo Sabres. Did he have a great time? Did he fall in love with our blue and white heroes? Kiiiiind of...

Who's the big winner here tonight with the new CBA? Burke, that's who.

When the NHL and NHLPA sign a new CBA there will be plenty of discussion as to the winners and losers, of rights lost, monies transferred, of reputations sullied, and reputations burnished. No matter the outcome of the next CBA -- when it’s signed or what it contains -- the single biggest winner won

From the Archives: Zambonic Youth "Pitchfork Game Review"

For a short time in 2009, Kim Jorn, Godd Till and I ran a blog called Zambonic Youth (don't look for it, it's not there any more). It was a blog that redefined the word "sporadic". I remember people being knocked out by our exuberance, bad Glenn Healy jokes and our punctuality.With

NHL v. NHLPA: the battle of who can care less - Part I

One fan explains why the ongoing CBA battle between the NHL and NHLPA is not on his mind.

PPP Podcast 18: The Maple Leafs "Play to 8!"

[iTunes] [Direct Link] [Podcast RSS Feed] It's PPPPodcast 18 where Chemmy, PPP, and I discuss: 1. Trashing the Leafs playoff hopes 2. Burke, goalies and the future 3. Flux Capacitors* 4. Luke Schenn's contract Music: * Everyday People, Sly and the Family Stone * Life is a Lemon

My Leafs Story: Sometimes he yells at the Leafs for being bad

A few weeks ago, Chemmy sent around an email with the subject line Narratives. Before I opened it, I presumed it would be a funny story about one more sports writer filing platitudes about heart, grit and other various intangibles. I was wrong. Chemmy's email was a request

FTB: Hockey Stories? I got a few

So you’ve come looking for hockey stories? I’ve got a few. On Tuesday nights, I play in a community-run men’s league for guys 35+. It’s a six team league and each season they scramble the teams so you’re always playing with new guys. Keeps the

PPP Podcast 15: Leaf Trades, UFAs and Miracles

It's been nearly four months since the site overlords and I sat down to do a podcast and discuss all things Leafs. Over those 120 days some incredible things have happened - Kaberle won a Cup, Vancouver lost the Cup, Brett Lebda was traded, and PPP was (temporarily?

PPP Podcast 13

Yes, it's PPP Podcast 13, our first episode since October, 2010. This was actually recorded on Thursday January 6th so we're offering it to you at a deep discount in case some of the contents might have gone a bit stale. Be sure to vote for

Blogs, Credentials and Media

For those of you who have had enough of the blogs v. mainstream media discussions, I apologize in advance for yet another 500 words on a topic that's worn more than a little thin. For those of you interested in media relations and the inner-workings of media access

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: July 1 Free Agent Frenzy

Fresh ice to discuss the latest UFA day happenings...

Tearing Down and Building Up the Toronto Maple Leafs: Part I

For better or for worse, these are now Brian Burke's Toronto Maple Leafs. Well, to be fair and a bit more accurate, perhaps it should be said that these are Brian Burke's transitional Toronto Maple Leafs. After shipping out six players in the Phaneuf andGiguere trades,

Your Toronto Maple Leafs: How Did We Get Here?

An anonymous comment over at my blog Bitter Leaf Fan raised the question of how exactly the Leafs arrived in their current mess. There’s not a single cause or easy explantion. This franchise has gone through three, maybe even four, different phases since 2000, however; with the exception of

3-11-5, This is Canada's Team?

Is this the low point for Leaf fans or does that come with a loss to the Carolina Hurricanes on Thursday? I'm just kidding, everyone knows the low point comes when the Leafs win the draft lottery in June and hockey fans around the world hear the story

Boney M, Kerry Fraser and the Leafs: 5 Questions

As I type this, Elton John’s "Sad Songs" is trapped in my head like a fruit fly slowly drowning in a glass of wine. Earlier today, one of my kids somehow managed to lodge "I Believe I Can Fly" in my brain pan. That dirge

Kessel: Point, sort of Counterpoint

The secret transcript has become a staple of the blogosphere. There are a few men out there who have no secrets, one visit to a chatty cathy bloodbath knows Chemmy is one of these men. Late yesterday afternoon, a twitter feed from AM640's Greg Brady touched off a

Five Questions for the Dog Days of Hockey Season

These are indeed the dog days of summer for hockey fans. The big UFAs have been signed, execs have been fired and their replacements hired, the pre-season schedule has been announced but it seems further away than Dany Heatley doing the right thing. Four weeks until Tomas Kaberle's

NHL UFA Season: Five Questions to Cover You Like Sherwin Williams

Ah, the first day of UFA season. If the NHL trade deadline is the equivalent of Christmas and the draft is a significant birthday, then July 1 is like finding a long forgotten wad of $20 bills in an old pair of jeans just as you're heading out

Five Questions: When There's No One Left to Blame

The NHL draft is so close I'm sure those of you heading to Montreal are already counting it in "sleeps." Here's a little known fact: since the lockout, the entry draft has generated as many, if not more, deals as trade deadline day. In

He'll Have That Scar on His Chin Forever

Tonight is game seven for the Stanley Cup. A one-game winner take all match for the cup that many of us have imagined countless times in street hockey games, backyard rinks, table hockey and, for all I know, maybe even some ultra competitive games of air hockey. Editor's

Everybody's Dressin' Funny

The draft is less than three weeks away. In the last 10 days, three new General Managers were hired, two coaches fired, and Jacques Martin left the executive suites of Florida to stand behind the bench in Montreal. A Stanley Cup champion will be crowned no later than next Tuesday.
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