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Down at the Crossroads, A Question is Posed

Editor's Note: MF37 returns with the second installment of his new feature post aimed at making us think. What a jerk! On my way to shinny the other night I had one of those great sonic moments where my iPod seemed to know exactly what I wanted to

Game 7, OT: Will a Maurice Time-Out be the Difference?

I'm liking Ryder for the Bruins and Cole for the Canes...who's your pick to be the OT game seven hero?

Telling You Questions, Asking Me Lies

Editor's Note: My vision for the site has always been that it would be kind of like an online sports bar (Maybe there's an app for that?) and a place where I could come and talk hockey with other fans of the Leafs specifically but even

No, That's German for "The Tucker, The"

Editor's Note: In honour of our team's first meeting with two of everyone's favourite players I have asked their biggest detractors to provide a glimpse into what they will be feeling and thinking tonight when they see Mssrs. Tucker and Raycroft on screen tonight.

Game Thread, Period 3: The pompitous of love

40 Minutes are in the books and it's 4-1 Leafs. Come on in and join the game thread for period three. If you're new to PPP (or if you've been out there lurking) tonight would be an excellent time to break the ice, sign

NNN: Pens Lose (Leafs get 2 points)

Today is my last day guest hosting at Pension Plan Puppets. From the discussion of transgendered children's toys to the exchange of slow cooker recipes, it's been a great week of hockey here. Tomorrow, your regular host and photoshop genius Chemmy will return, no doubt stinking

FTB: Feels Just Like Sunday on a Saturday Afternoon

I had the craziest dream last night. Sundin was wearing a Canucks jersey, Pat Quinn was back behind the home team's bench at the ACC and people were saying Jason Blake was one of the best Leafs of late. I must just need a coffee to get this

FTB: When is a Swede not a turnip?

The Leafs may have played in Boston last night, but that messy game isn't what Leaf fans are writing about this morning. No, the big news is Mats Sundin finally made a decision and signed a one-year deal with the Canucks. The reaction from Leafs Nation runs the

FTB: I'll be eligible for parole come Valentine's day

There is offically less than a week until Christmas and just four more sleeps until the first day of Hanukkah (which used to start with a "C" when I was growing up, don't know where that extra consonant went). I'm not sure who has

(Not so) Negative Nancy: Taking a 180

I don't want to call anyone out, but a certain someone around here heads for a beach holiday and the Leafs win three in a row. Coincidence? Hmm... But seeing as this is Negative Nancy, I suppose we need to turn away from the positives to search out

FTB: Your Mathematical Mind

Welcome to Tuesday, December 16, an interesting date in history. Arthur C. Clarke celebrates his 90th today. If Beethoven were still alive, he would turn 238 (and be desperately clawing at the inside of his casket). It's also Jane Austen's birthday, she'd be 233.

Negative Nancy: Dreaming of White's Christmas

Editor's Note: While Wally Pipp is on vacation in Atlantis (yes, we know where it is and no we won't tell you) MF37 of Bitter Leaf Fan has once again gotten the tap on the shoulder. D.O. at Die by the Blade's post-game

The Dissenting View: It's too late to turn back, here we go...

Editor's Note: Since it looks like this Burke thing is as good as done why not take a look at where each side stands. For the dissent I present MF37 of Bitter Leaf Fan fame who will outline exactly why the Brian Burke hiring should not be a

Two Tracks

We are just over a day away from the beginning of the season so it's time to make predictions for the upcoming season. Throughout the day we'll have a number of previews and now stepping up to the plate is the Barilkosphere's elder statesman

TGiFTB Edition

Welcome to the Friday edition of Pension Plan Puppets. PPP is on day 112 of his vacation and rather than coming up with recycled content for my bitter leaf blog, I'm doing guest hosting duties over here. The good news is: not only is it casual day here

When You Change With Every New Day

Happy Tuesday everyone. Once again, I'm your guest host from the little blog that could Bitter Leaf Fan, posting on what seems like day 53 of PPP's vacation. I was in the LCBO in Belleville on Saturday  (had to stop for reinforcements before hitting my parents

FTB - The Saturday Boy

I can't believe when PPP asked me to help out with the guest hosting gig, I didn't think to remind him that I don't work Saturdays. There's a mistake I'll never make again. When I was a kid back in

The Day After (I will not tell a pun FTB edition)

Good morning Leaf fans, some of you may know me from my blog bitter leaf fan, and some of you may know me for my legendary community work. I'm going to be your host here at PPP this morning. I've just come back from two weeks
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