I can't believe when PPP asked me to help out with the guest hosting gig, I didn't think to remind him that I don't work Saturdays.

There's a mistake I'll never make again.

When I was a kid back in the 70s, Saturday Mornings were hands down the best time of the week. No guest blogging, no school, no plans, just a big bowl of honeycomb or apple jack cereal and loads of craptastic American kids programming from sun-up until noon(ish).

On Saturday  mornings you didn't have to rely on Commander Tom (or some other the b-list talent) to host a kids show. It was just four or five hours of product-placement/latest toy tie-in really lame cartoons.

Once the cartoons were over, the neighbourhood kids would gather to play pong or the Atari 2600 Kombat game.

It may have been a simpler time.  There weren't hundreds of digital channels offering targeted programming to kids, tweens, teens and everyone else, but at least the Leafs still pretty much sucked (I kid, I kid. They had some rocking teams back then with Sittler, MacDonald, Palmateer, Salming...and then it all went horribly wrong).

FTB/MSM update:

And since I got stuck working this weekend, here's your assignment Leaf fans:

Could Grabovski's acquisition be a key to the Leafs' future shoot-out success?

I did my darndest to turn up AHL shoot-out stats, but came up blank.

I did find plenty of headlines that suggested Grabovski's had a lot of success with the shoot-out and Lord knows it's a part of the game the Leafs desperately need to improve on...

If anyone can turn up the stats or wants to take a shot at compiling them from game records, please post your findings in the comments here or pop on over to my blog at bitter leaf and send an e-mail/comment to me.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend...I'm heading off to the land before time (my parents' house) where internet is but a rumour, so I won't be able to update missed links, typos, broken links, breaking news. Hopefully it will be a quiet weekend on all fronts.