With the last privately exploded Mexican-made 4th of July firework going off in my neighborhood this Saturday night, I'm realizing that summer is really here, and for those of us who love hockey, that only means one thing. Boredom. Remember that time when all that stuff was happening around the NHL, and we all had so-ooo much to read and write about? I remember that time too. It was last week.

When you tuck into the second week of July, it's the week after free agency started, and already, most of the heat has gone out of it. By this time, all of your faves have been bought out (and since signed with the Avs), and all of your hates have been  released (and signed by the Canucks). This is the time of year when you start to become desperate for anything hockey. That's when you find yourself looking again at the Youtube video of Lanny McDonald scoring against the Islanders. Or, if you're Navin, having the Youtube video of Lanny McDonald scoring against the Islanders in the background while you write about Cito Gaston.


While we aren't all as lucky as Nav (in more ways than one), we all do have one thing to be grateful about. No, not that Jared of London hasn't asked to borrow money from us (yet), but that, for sure, we'll get through this terrible hockey dormancy period because we all have each other! Togerther we'll make it! You, me, and the FTB's! No, I don't know what FTB means either, but hey, it's a start!

  • Sean shocks me out of my state of complacency by writing an excellent column about Glenn Healey weighing in on the Fletcher/McCabe showdown. In his second paragraph he claims the same about Howard Berger. Sean,  I beg you to reconsider.
  • The writerly Steve at TML Hockey Analysis decides to take his blog name literally, and really, really analyze the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  • In the "I Don't Get Enough Attention" file, read what I wrote last October about the just-in-its-infancy Brian Burke/Kevin Lowe feud.
  • Hot Chick? (Loser Domi) Bi-Curious? (Moose) Then sashe immediately over to Wrap Around Curl or I Mean, We Got Guys , and vote for hottest D-man and Left Winger.
  • The already mentioned Navin spews some seldom seen Nav hate at Andrew Raycroft. He hates him so much that he says someone found his blog by searching the term "I Hate Andrew Raycroft". In an absolutely true story, one time I noticed that someone found my blog, He Score, He Shoot, by searching for the term "Borje Salming Huge Cock"./

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