Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans! What. A game last night, eh?

Leafs - Oilers game highlights

A comeback! Lots of goals! Records bring set!

The first one is nice. Auston Matthews has recorded his seventh straight 30 goal season.

John Tavares also hit 30 goals this season as well last night. So many goals!

Then Mitch Marner broke into top ten in all-time Leafs scoring.

Marner is the only active Leaf in the top ten, and about 20ish points behind Ted Kennedy for ninth place.

Auston Matthews is the only other active Leaf with over 500 points, about to pass Rick Vaive as well.

Matthews is in the top 10 on all time Leafs scoring, in 8th place behind George Armstrong.

Now, ugh, good news for Boston?

Bruins Notch 50th Win, Become Fastest Team in NHL History to Hit Mark

On the plus side, the best team in the regular season almost never wins the Stanley Cup so suck it Boston.

If you love to look at trades and find ways the Leafs lost them, here's Pierre Engvalls first goal as an Islander.

Here's more:

You know what I think?

I don't care. They aren't Leafs so they're dead to me.

On that note, enjoy your day!