Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It's a random Tuesday in October but ESPN has decided it's the perfect day to have all 32 teams play at the same time!

Starting at 3PM Eastern today, team after team after team will play and it sounds great except for one thing.

Why on a Tuesday?

The Leafs game is 3pm? [No, it isn't, unless you're in California] Okay I get not everyone has a Monday to Friday, nine to five, but why not save it for a Saturday or holiday? We just had Thanksgiving / Indigenous Peoples' Day, that would have been an amazing way to kick off the season. Or save it for Family / Presidents day, or a weekend.

But, it's the NHL and we all know their motto:

"There must be a harder way"

Okay, that's not their motto, it's my employers, but it fits

So, if you get off work a noon like me, or just aren't working today, you can enjoy the full slate of games and be driven mad by the decisions you have to make over your fantasy teams (I'm just going to lose anyway)

Remember. Leafs play at 3PM – except they actually play at 6 pm Eastern. Still annoying in that way that makes me ask, "Who makes your dinner, you who thought this up?"

CLARIFICATION Every team plays today on staggered starts 15 min apart beginning at 6 pm Toronto Time with the Leafs game. The final game, the Flyers at Vegas begins at 11 pm Eastern or 8 pm local time in Vegas. Let that be a lesson to you, if you publish a schedule to the public, maybe put the time zone on it.

Here's some other news.

‘Reminds me of Carey Price’: Why Joseph Woll feels ready for the Maple Leafs’ net
While it’s no secret that the Toronto Maple Leafs want the homegrown, cap-friendly Joseph Woll to eventually seize the city’s net, they also have exercised patience with the prospect and don’t wish to hand him a job he hasn’t yet earned.

It would be nice if he just came out of nowhere to steal the starter role and became our Carey Price.

Rick Bowness taking leave from Winnipeg Jets, Scott Arniel to serve as interim coach -
Winnipeg Jets head coach Rick Bowness will be taking a leave of absence to attend to the health of his wife Judy. Associate coach Scott Arniel will serve as the interim head coach of the Jets in Bowness’ absence.

The Jets* coach has taken time off to be with his wife. All the best to the Bowness'

Morgan Rielly is proud of his former teammate. Maybe join him?

On that topic the Canadian Hockey League will keep on having it's theme nights to raise money for charities, refusing to join in the NHLs narrow-mindedness.

Canadian major junior hockey leagues allow teams to continue on-ice support for groups, causes | CBC News
Amid controversy over the NHL’s decision to ban the use of themed equipment, the Canadian Hockey League has reaffirmed its stance that organizations across the country can continue to support outside causes and organizations.

The NHL has launched a new advanced stats site using their puck tracking technology.

NHL brings advanced puck tracking stats to public
The NHL has launched an advanced stats section on its website that brings data from the league’s puck- and player-tracking technology to fans for the first time.

It's always nice to be record setting. At least that way you get remembered.

NHL Under the Radar: Tough schedule has Sharks looking historically awful
The Sharks might be one of the worst teams we’ve seen in the 21st century — or they could just be victims of a cruel schedule.

Good news for all you stamp collectors.

Hockey trailblazer Willie O’Ree to be honoured with new Canadian postage stamp | CBC Sports
Canada Post is issuing a stamp to honour Willie O’Ree, the NHL’s first Black player, who is scheduled to be in attendance when the stamp is unveiled Saturday in Edmonton as part of the Heritage Classic festivities. The stamp will be officially issued Monday.

Finally, I was at my local rink this weekend and caught the Brock Badgers vs Queens game and don't sleep on university hockey here. It's a great game, and very affordable. Passionate fans mixed with well refreshed students makes for a good crowd. I got to see my local team beat up the visitors 6-0 and it was a great time.

Check it out if you have a chance.

Have a great day everyone!