Good morning everyone. First the news, in case you missed it.

Pontus Holmberg has joined Team Sweden for Men's Worlds.

Sam Hallams lag kan slåss om guldet på allvar
Sam Hallam presenterar sitt första Dream Team inför VM i Tjeckien. Och efter alla svåra år har Sverige ett lag som på allvar kan slåss om guldet igen. Äntligen.

Games begin on Friday.

In case you missed the prospect report:

Maple Leafs Prospect Report: Easton Cowan, Fraser Minten and Brandon Lisowsky
Checking in on the CHL playoff runs of Easton Cowan, Fraser Minten and Brandon Lisowsky as they all pushed for a spot at the Memorial Cup.

Easton Cowan is looking for the OHL Championship Cup.

Game 1 – Thursday, May 9th, in London @ 7 pm EST

Game 2 – Saturday, May 11th, in London @ 7 pm EST

Game 3 – Monday, May 13th, in Oshawa @ 7 pm EST

Game 4 – Wednesday, May 15th, in Oshawa @ 7 pm EST

Game 5 – Friday, May 17th, in London @ 7 pm EST

Game 6 – Sunday, May 19th, in Oshawa @ TBD

Game 7 – Monday, May 20th, in London @ TBD

In NHL playoff action, the Bruins were stomped by the Panthers to even the series. There was a brawl, if you want to look that up, you have the Google, but it wasn't a nasty fight, particularly. The Panthers legitimately overwhelmed the Bruins in that game. The other game, Oilers vs Canucks, started at 10 pm, and you have the Google.

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PWHL Toronto

Toronto opened the playoffs vs Minnesota in front of 8,473 fans. If you've never seen clips of the Marlies coming on the ice at Coca-Cola, you have missed a great arena setup for the fans:

Toronto opened the scoring over Minnesota with a goal from the league's top scorer:

In a first period that was mostly Toronto, with a little bit of Minnesota's defence, Emma Maltais followed up off a pass from Sarah Nurse.

Toronto backed off with the 2-0 lead, and Soup was served for the second. On only their third shot on goal of the period the 11th of the game, Blayre Turnbull made it 3-0 in the face of all Minnesota's efforts.

In the third, Toronto played a textbook hold the lead system. The defenders stayed back and let the forwards maintain possession in the offensive zone. They all clogged up the neutral zone, trapping Minnesota against the boards, and dumping the puck back in repeatedly, making Minnesota work their butts off trying to get over the red line. When Minnesota got to the Toronto zone, it was hard checking, and quick puck retrieval. Lots of sticks in lanes picking off pucks.

Minnesota couldn't get anything going, and when they did, Kristen Campbell had them beat. That has to be very frustrating. I can't imagine. Final score 4-0 Toronto as Turnbull scored again late.

Montréal takes to the ice tonight against Boston. Toronto goes again on Friday.

And that's your Thursday! Have a good one.