Three years ago, while in college in Boston, my roommates and I decided to go out and pick up some supplies to celebrate Canada Day. We walked down to the packie (LCBO) and grabbed two cases (a two four) of Molson Canadian, a bottle of Canadian Club whisky, and a pint of maple syrup.

As we walked home we high fived passers by while wishing them a "Happy Canada Day". Most people looked at us like we were crazy but a few people seemed excited to be a part of such an exciting new drinking holiday in the middle of the week.

  • Sean does what the rest of us are doing today; he's waiting to see where Sundin ends up.
  • Navin wants some free agents today. Hopefully we don't sign any of them to six year contracts.
  • MF37 is back and will be joining Greener and I as writers on the site. Speaking of which, Greener is running this show in regards to UFA coverage today./

Click the continue link for a recipe and a plan!

The plan: I googled "toronto maple leafs blog" last night and we're nowhere to be found, additionally all of the blogs I found are defunct. We need to do some google bombing. Basically, what everyone reading this with a blog should do is throw up a post in which you construct a link like so: toronto maple leafs blog. As Google spiders your blog it will then start associating that phrase with this site, thus embiggening the Barilkosphere.

Canadian Car Bomb

  1. Fill shot glass half full with maple syrup.
  2. Fill shot glass rest of way with whisky.
  3. Drop shot glass into glass of Molson.
  4. Drink rapidly.

The best part about the Canadian Car Bomb is that another one is the only way to get the taste of maple syrup out of your mouth. Enjoy!