Hey, wait. Nice number.

PWHL Toronto won their game in Pittsburgh and good Compher got to catch up with bad Compher (actually, he's okay). Toronto extended their streak to 10 wins, and they are back in first place.

Today is the PWHL trade deadline, but there isn't a lot of expectation of heavy action. New York seems out of contention – although they are far from eliminated. But the second non-playoff team could easily be Boston or Ottawa, and one of the more dominant top three could suffer a fall in the final 7-8 games left. Three-point wins add up fast. No one is really positioned to want to sell off players.

PWHL teams can't trade picks at this point, so the only trades will be player trades. It seems unlikely big deals will happen.

‘It’s going to take the right trade’: PWHL GMs not expecting a hectic deadline | CBC Sports
The Professional Women’s Hockey League trade deadline is imminent, but the mood around the league is relatively calm.

IIHF - Thailand goes undefeated to win gold
Kyrgyzstan takes silver, Luxembourg clinches bronze

Thailand began competing in a special Asia Cup and is in their fourth Worlds in the regular divisions.

The PWHL goes dark soon for Worlds, and if you've been thinking Utica isn't far (ask the Marlies bus driver for directions) you better not think too long.

Want to watch the women’s ice hockey championships in Utica? It’s time to buy tickets
The IIHF Women’s World Hockey Championship will be played in Utica from April 3 to 14.

NCAA hockey is non-stop right now, and I know almost nothing about this, so try these people:

The Latest College Hockey News
The Latest College Hockey News

That's it for Monday! See you tomorrow when the Leafs repeat their trip to Philadelphia.