On a night when HNIC honours heroes of the real and sporting type, the Leafs pick a great time to play what is increasingly becoming the mark of these 08/09 Leafs: 60 minutes of being a team that no one in the NHL enjoys playing against.

Similar to the brave boys who went overseas and heroically took care of business in two World Wars, the Leafs stared into the ugly face of evil (the Habs), and refused to let even the most despicable, inhumane behaviour (Kostopoulos, Kostitsyn), stem the inevitable tide of triumphant victory!

Throwing everything at the Habs is the only way to beat an enemy that will stop at nothing to ensure that every single little Johnny and Susie Canada out there are decked out head to toe in bleu, blanc et rouge. Is that what good, honest Canadians want? Well Mr. and Mrs. Maple Leaf, You say NO! Do your part to halt this Tri-Coleured Menace threatening our precious way of life! POST YOUR COMMENTS, AND BUY BONDS. TODAY!