The Leafs don't release salary information, but CapFriendly has details.

The structure of this deal is completely different from Sparks' ELC. He was earning $600,000 in the NHL, $70,000 in the AHL (the maximum allowed on an ELC), and a signing bonus of $70,000. That adds up to $140,000 in AHL salary. But he also had a performance bonus of $100,000 in the old deal, so depending on the conditions on that bonus, he new guaranteed $150,000 may or may not be a raise. It seems likely it is a raise, albeit a small one.

The new NHL salary makes Sparks a friendly callup for a cap ceiling team, with a league minimum effect on the total cap hit. This is part of trend in contracts for borderline or AHL-only players that limits the cap hit and puts all the spending in the AHL side where it only effects the bank balance.