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Game Preview: One last Sunrise

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Maple Leafs finally get it together, beat Lightning 4-2 on the road

One thing to watch for tonight is how the ice time gets distributed on the second half of a back-to-back when the top four defenders played a major proportion of the minutes last night.

If the Leafs get more than a one-goal lead, you should expect to see lots and lots of the depth players. The Leafs have only one day off before they play again on Sunday, and they have to keep that in mind too. Who made this schedule?

Roberto Luongo gets the start, but that barely matters this year in Florida, as both of their goalies have been putting up nearly identical performances well below their individual norms.

What’s the best thing about games in Florida?

The “best” part of road trips to Florida is...

Picking out the most sunburned players on the team7
Having the ice be worse than it is in the SBA for once8
Hearing the Toronto fans in the crowd booing Jake Gardiner like sheeple8
Suddenly remembering why Aleksander Barkov is so annoying11
Realizing they’re all in Florida and you’re not31