Toronto Maple Leafs @ New Jersey Devils
7:00 PM at Prudential Center
Watch on: MSGSN, TSN4

Quick reminder that Devils fans hate us because of some goals called back and some other calls boned them during their super important winning streak. The Leafs themselves were barely a participant in the shenanigans, but of course we’re getting the blame.


Ryan O’Reilly to be out 4 weeks
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Former Leafs

Jonathan Bernier - is on LTIR
Andreas Johnsson was traded to San Jose at the deadline

No former Devils on the Leafs roster.

Otherwise, the Devils shouldn’t really have a reason to hate us.

My interest tonight is completely internal. The forwards without Tavares or O’Reilly, Liljegren and the overall defense pairs. Let’s see how all these things evolve (because they will evolve over the next month plus).