Tonight is the Toronto Maple Leafs Pride Night! The NHL's had some crappy moments this year when it comes to Pride, but the Leafs have shown with meaningful statements and by sharing space with the LGBTQ+ community.

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The Leafs will be wearing Pride Tape throughout the game, along with a Pride sticker on their helmets. They didn't make a jersey for warm-ups, which is an odd choice and something I hope they begin doing in the future, but embedding Pride throughout the game is an excellent and unique idea. I wish the NHL allowed them to do more. I'm assuming Pride gloves, helmets, and goalie pads are not allowed unless they're part of the regular outfit. I won't get into St. Pats day here, because if that gets special treatment, I don't get why Pride can't. Or other causes close to the team and community (Indigenous culture, to bring up one example).

On the game front, the Leafs will be playing a 22-year-old rookie vaguely from Toronto in his NHL debut. He might get a shutout, he might also get shelled. He'll probably get shelled. Feeding into the negativity and doom doesn't do anyone any good.