There was a time when a lot more HNIC games were Toronto vs Montréal. In 1966-1967, the Leafs played the Habs 14 times and the record was 6-6-2-0. And six more games in the playoffs, of course.

These days, we have less chance to remember how old the rivalry is, how deep the emotions go. But all it takes is a minute or two on the ice against them and it all comes flooding back.

The preview with expected lines is here:

Game preview: Les Maple Leafs au Québec

The game starts at 7 p.m., and to the best of my knowledge, no special ceremony is planned.

The enemy has the home ice advantage, and they aren’t terrible like they were last year. They have a better chance to win than the Leafs do, that’s how a road trip is. But the Leafs can win this game. The difference between them is slight, and it is home ice that is giving Montréal the edge, nothing else.

The Leafs need to begin this road trip by scoring like this is the Ducks they’re playing. If they do that, they can beat anyone.

Gabriel Gagne with his first goal for the Marlies earlier today:

Come on, Frederik Gauthier, score some tonight.

Go Leafs Go!