Almost six years ago, Chemmy found pictures of a frankly stunning photo shoot which featured Mikhail Grabovski contemplating how best to dissect a pineapple. Being who we are, the pineapple/knife theme became a far-reaching joke that many didn't quite understand. Yesterday we posted a link to an "Ask Grabovski" questionaire being put on by the IIHF and today they posted Grabovski's answers. Before you even ask, yes he responds to the pineapple question.

Here are some of the highlights:

Why do you hate pineapples?
(Heather Ferguson, Torono, Canada)

Pineapples? Ah, it's about that silly photo on the internet! This happened in Moscow. A journalist came to me to do an interview and I thought I'd give her an interesting picture. So, that's how it became popular in the web. But I honestly don't have anything against pineapples.

Do you have bad feelings towards the Leafs about bailing out your contract?
(Yuri Satsukevich, Toronto)

No, I only have positive memories, only the good.

Which NHL players do you talk to the most?
(Nikita Glinski)

With Nikolai Kulyomin, more than others. Also, with Jason Ward, who is from Toronto. And, of course, with the Russian (Capitals) Orlov and Ovechkin.

After the buyout it seems as people always undervalue what you can bring to a team. Do you use this as motivation to be better? Or do you treat it as just another obstacle a hockey player has to deal with?
(Joshua Amorim, Toronto, Canada)

I am using it as motivation and in every game I am trying to prove that those who believe in me, do so for a reason.