Our friend @mikeinboston, writer at the Toronto Sports Media Blog, and keen observer and reporter of the sports media scene, is taking a long look at the changes made by Rogers and Sportsnet to Hockey Night in Canada, and their impact on the broadcast media landscape.

As you know, there were a lot of changes made after the end of last season. Some of the regulars, like George Stroumboulopoulos, Glenn Healy, and P.J. Stock were let go. Some new faces were added, or given greatly increased roles, like David Amber. Ron MacLean returned to his old spot as the host. There were also changes to the overall presentation, and how they use that giant HNIC set. There were not many changes to how the actual game is broadcast.

Mike would like your general opinions on all these changes, and how it compares to last season.

Please note, this poll is specific to the personalities, quality of presentation, and game commentary of the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast on Saturday, both the "early" and the "late" shows. This is not about other Sportsnet specific hockey broadcasts, like regional mid-week hockey games.

Comments and explanations of your vote are encouraged.

Thanks for your help, and visit Toronto Sports Media Blog for more reading on our local sports TV and radio scene.

Did the changes made to Hockey Night in Canada make the show better?

Yes, I think the changes make the show better.419
No, I don't think the changes make the show better.75
I think it's better, but that could be because the Leafs are better.110
I am indifferent to the changes they made.109