Sometimes, sports just aren’t fair.

Take Karri Ramo, for example. He had a .911 save percentage over 111 games with the Calgary Flames; he’s someone who deserves a chance at the NHL level. However, a torn ACL just before last season’s trade deadline kept many teams from considering him.

Initially, the Toronto Maple Leafs were one of those teams; however, he’s since been brought into the fold, and now may have a shot at getting back in the NHL. He’s already played his first professional game since his injury.

Of course, he has to have equipment for that - and that includes his brand new mask. It’s blue and white, and it features a subject he clearly likes: Edgar Allan Poe.

Ramo wore The Raven-style masks back when he was with the Flames, too; then, his masks obviously had more red than blue.

This is awesome, though. The art is great, the colours are both fitting with his new team and rather chilling, and oh my god that skull at the very top is so, so, so cool.

One of the great things about goaltending equipment is goalies get to show off a bit of their own personalities or fandoms with them. Ramo rocks it.