Moving out and being on one’s own can be tough, no matter who you are. For a 22-year-old professional hockey player, though? There’s a lot you don’t have to worry about - then again, even you don’t get to escape the perils of growing up.

One of the things a lot of people have to go through is learning how to cook. Now that he’s on his own, Morgan Rielly has taken that step forward. He’s got the hockey player basics down - pasta and chicken - but variety is good too, you know?

To that end, he took a class with Sportsnet’s Sophia Jurksztowicz, documented for us here.

Highlights include Rielly’s poor sense of proportions - that, or he really, really, really loves salt and pepper - and an inability to completely remove onion skin.

Oh, and the giant burst of flame that shoots up! That’s always a cool thing, too.

We wish Rielly the best of luck in his continued adventures in cooking. Hopefully there are no knife or fire accidents in the future!