The Leafs/Habs/Sens rookie tournament is this weekend. It opens on Friday night with a game we don’t care about between those other two teams, and it ends on Monday with an extra non-public game between the Leafs and the Canadiens rookies.

In between, on Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m. are the public Leafs games against the Senators and the Canadiens.

If you do want to go to Laval and buy tickets (they seem quite reasonable, given the prices they used to charge in London), you can find the information here. There’s also a Kaleo concert on Tuesday if pop music from Iceland is more to your taste than watching Timothy Liljegren and Rasmus Sandin play on a pair together.

The helpful Ottawa Senators have announced that their games will be streamed on, and it seems likely that the Leafs-Montréal game will be as well. This is a pay service if you don’t have RDS on your cable package. It is like the TSN Go service, but you have to pay for it with separate, yet still Canadian money. The play by play will be in French.

The Ottawa games will be on the radio on TSN 1200, which is the Ottawa station, so if you want to listen in, you can find out how wonderful Brady Tkachuk is and wonder if the Leafs rookies are even on the ice.

If only MLSE owned a TV station, maybe they could broadcast these games... But we can’t find any sign of coverage on Leafs Nation Network, TSN, Sportsnet or any other of the myriad television options out there.

UPDATE: Montréal is streaming games on their site. Likely just their own, but that’s one available.

UPDATE Part Deux: RDS is providing free on the web streaming.

That’s all we have so far, so while we’re waiting for more details, check out the rosters:

Toronto Maple Leafs announce 2018 Rookie Showcase roster
Ottawa and Montréal announce their rosters for the rookie tournament

And listen to some Kaleo: