This weekend I was away so I was mostly unable to stay up with the events on PPP, but I sure tried my hardest.  In between visiting family, wherever I could grab 5, 10 minutes to come on and get caught up on our own interesting ethical dilemma, I did.  And what it reminded me of was just how great this place can be.  We've had our ups and downs - really, we've faced a lot of downs this past season - and despite the bickering, the frustrations, when someone else does something to one of our community, we're all about the support.  Now maybe we go a little overboard and like to get out the torches and pitchforks before stopping to think, but I'd rather have that spirit in a community than one where members are left to hang on their own.  The more rational minded, experienced minds of the community eventually talk us all down from our irrational attacks and eventually we all realize what really needs to happen.  But the undeniable support we're all willing to show eachother in these times makes this place really special.

Onto your links - including a few from around the blogging community on our issue of the weekend.

First, on what I'm calling The Issue:

And now, your regularly scheduled programming: