Today the Maple Leafs announced player number three to be out “for weeks”.

Checks calendar. Notes season isn’t yet two weeks old.

The Maple Leafs play Calgary tonight, and then visit Edmonton for two games on Thursday and Saturday. They then get four days off in a row as they return home. At the moment, the Leafs are one of only three teams to have played more than six games, so the front-loaded North schedule is working for them a little.

February is a full month with 12 games, but all but three are at home, and the next western road trip doesn’t start until the end of the month. The only back-to-back is the 17th and 18th vs Ottawa, with no travel.

It could be a lot worse, in other words. There is a lot of time for rest, and with Joe Woll on the Taxi Squad, there’s no need for Frederik Andersen to ever practice if he doesn’t need to for his own reasons.

In other roster news:

The Leafs had an optional skate today, but it was announced that Joey Anderson and Travis Boys will be in as well with Alex Barabanov and Jason Spezza out. We’ll post the lineups from warmup in the Game Day Thread post tonight. You can count on that.

The Calgary lineup should be the same as last game with Jacob Markstrom starting.

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