Toronto Maple Leafs (5-2-0) @ Calgary Flames (2-1-1)
Leafs Game #8
9:00 p.m. ET
Watch on: Sportsnet 1, Sportsnet Ontario (blackouts in effect but available on NHL Live)
Opponent’s site: Matchsticks and Gasoline

We here at PPP condemn anyone who makes Jack Campbell stop smiling for any length of time. The man is Reimeresque in his smiles/60.

In the near future a team of forensic doctors from the PPP Kitten Ranching and Video Analysis Institute will be conducting a frame-by-frame examination of the Tkachuk incident footage. It’s actually being done right in a basement in Toronto. You watch. It may be public, it may not be public, but Leafs fans deserve the truth! We have reached out to Eugene Melnyk for advice on this process.

Jack Campbell out for weeks
Maple Leafs vs. Flames Preview: Two games of Tkachuk

Let’s hope the Leafs make it worth our time to stay up late for this one. Whether that’s winning the game alone, or winning the game and embarrassing Tkachuk in the process, I will leave up to them to decide. In either case:


Fuck Matthew Tkachuk.