How much to you want to see three Leafs draft picks, including this year’s second rounder Roni Hirvonen as well as Mikko Kokkonen and Axel Rindell?

Ässät hopes you want it enough to pay for it on Black Friday. The game is on at 11:30 in the morning Toronto time, but the deal does involve a PVR style recording, so you can watch it later. The price is $14.90 USD, and you have to make an account (or sign in with Facebook) at the SolidSport site.

They are providing the C More broadcast video that airs on Finnish television with on-screen graphics in Finnish, but no commentary. Some people love this, but this is not a selling feature to me, since I like listening to the call of the game, even if all I get is the names.

$15 for a one-off game is a fairly standard European price, even if it seems a bit steep to us. Even Canadian Junior doesn’t charge that much. In Canadian dollars, that’s just under $20 at today’s exchange rate.

Ässät is upfront that the money is going to the club, and that they are struggling financially with limited ticket sales. Standard tickets to this game cost €9.99 which is about $15 Canadian Dollars.

Maybe they should have picked a Canadian holiday for this one, but good luck to them, it’s tough all over, and every league is suffering with little to no money coming in.