Winning the World Juniors on home ice, in front of your countrymen, has to be one of the most thrilling experiences in hockey.

Doing it in overtime just ramps it up another notch. Overtime is that much more stressful, but that much more amazing to come out on the right side of. It's sudden death. One goal, one puck in the net, and you know that's the winner. And if it was off your stick... in that exact moment, you know you were the hero.

Kasperi Kapanen got to live that feeling. It's a storm of perfect circumstance, and of perfect emotion.

What better way to celebrate? We saw the Finns mauling each other, skating around with their trophy... but there are more celebrations to be had.

Kapanen: talented in multiple fields, and capable of doing anything he sets his mind out to do. He's even still wearing his skates!

And supported by his teammates, Finnish and Toronto alike.

As the World Juniors like to tantalize: oh, the future is exciting.