Happy Saturday, everyone.

First some announcements you may have seen in yesterday's comments: we're getting spam, so the spam filter is back on, and that means if you post a bunch of links in one comment, your comment will get filtered.

We've also turned on premoderation for the first few comments on new accounts. So bear with us if we don't get that published fast.

Please flag any spam that gets through. And stop flagging comments that have opinions in them you don't like.

This is were I was going to post a video of the Weeknd or however that's spelled, but then I remembered I don't care for them, so.. you have the google, go nuts if you do like them.

Okay. Vegas has a sphere.

Water is wet, Kyle is loyal:

Linking to the sun because Hornby's annual Devo jokes actually crack me up.

One more arb case settled before the hearing dates are even set.


And that's it for what I could find that wasn't horrible rumour sites with pagerank on Google or the blogs that just print the tweets of whatever rando burps out a wild trade idea – sometimes these are the same people. I just imagine sitting at the keyboard writing that kind of drek and I think, man, there's more to life in July in Toronto than that.

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