We're at the point of the off-season where not much is going to be happening. Most of the big free agents have been signed, there's some arbitration cases to be heard, and maybe a few trades here and there as teams try to finalize their roster with the cap space they have. It's not the slowest point of the off-season yet, but boy it's getting there.

There's even less to look forward to now that one of the bigger and assumed trades to come just happened last night.

For Toronto, there's the pending resolution of the goalie situation. Samsonov has his arbitration and then Treliving and co will be deciding what to do. Do they keep him and trade Murray? Will Murray be LTIRed? Will they trade Samsonov and keep Murray? Trade both and go for someone else?

Toronto may also make some smaller trades and signings to fill out the rest of their roster. The notion that they want to get another defenseman as part of their "remake the defense" plan is strong.

Oh and there's a couple of not major players due to be free agents that Toronto will want to be signing sooner rather than later. But that's no big deal.

Otherwise, Toronto's development camp wrapped up with a scrimmage yesterday, so we won't see any other games (even fake games) until the Rookie Tournament in the late summer/early fall. We had some bits of news from the post-scrimmage press conference:


  • Hirvonen suffered a concussion but was walking around the facilities. Hoping for a full and speedy recovery for him!
  • Both Akhtyamov and Peksa will be playing next season in Russia. Hopefully they get some starts in the KHL.
  • I will have a full post out later this morning looking at the standouts from the Dev Camp, including some clips I took of the scrimmage for those who missed it.

Otherwise, we'll just be getting trickling bits of news related to Toronto signing some AHL/ECHL contracts, like Josiah Slavin – you'll never believe what USHL team he used to play for!

Good guy TJ Brodie, hope he stays around.

Someone tell these damn kids to speak a language we understand, and get off my lawn while they're at it!

Good luck David... many have tried and all have failed (so far).

He Pushed the New York Times to Buy Wordle. Now He Has to Make Sports Work.
David Perpich, cousin of Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger, was an architect of the subscriber bundle of games, a cooking app, the Wirecutter and sports-media site the Athletic.