Welcome to Buffalo, home of Jack Eichel, but not Vontae Davis!

Anybody else weirded out by Jeff Skinner playing on Jack Eichel’s wing? Yeah? No?

It’s a non-John Tavares night, and if you need to catch up on who’s in and who’s out, Katya wrote it all up in the game preview over here.

Because it’s a non-Tavares night, let us look back nostalgically to the last time he put on a Leafs jersey:

Tavares finds a streaking Marner, who drops it to SUPER KAME LILJEGREN for a rocket of a slap shop. Ullmark stopped it, but JOHN TAVARES WHO IS A LEAF PUTS HOME THE REBOUND! 3-1 LEAFS!


A Rielly clearing that’s JUST called off for icing, followed by a nice forecheck by Timashov leads to Tavares stealing the puck and scoring his second goal of the game to seal the win. It’s the second straight pre-season game that Tavares has two goals. 5-3 Leafs.

There we have it.

How are you going to up the ante, Mr. Auston Matthews?


Updated lines:

Andrew Nielsen was added late in the afternoon in place of Andreas Borgman.

Surely, he couldn’t have run off and had too much fun in Buffalo.