It’s Monday, as I’m sure you’re all aware. Generally it takes me until at least Wednesday to get confused about what day it is.

I’ve got a mixed bag of things for you to read, not all of them personally vetted by me.

When NHL stars have equipment issues, they call The Wolf -
Marco Argentino has been the man NHL superstars from Gretzky to McDavid trust with their gear. Now, he's also helping shape the future of equipment design.

Hockey culture will be discussed at NHL Board of Governors meeting -
Kyle Bukauskas, Chris Johnston and Elliotte Friedmen discuss the topics that will be discussed at the NHL Board of Governors meeting. VIDEO [Also contains some salary cap speculation.]

Austria struggles with marauding Krampus demons gone rogue | World news | The Guardian
Police record rising violence and drunkenness in relation to traditional folkloric festivities [Basically, this is just weird.]

Good days for our game - Winnipeg Free Press
The song of Canada unfurls when the snow glints bright and the air is bracing but not bitter. It ech... [Best article written on the Hockey Culture days of reckoning.]

Back to Excited Episode 84: Around the Atlantic - Pension Plan Puppets
We size up the foes in the dogfight for that Atlantic playoff spots [Bracketed by the gentlemen taking on bad takes of the week, which is a great feature.]

Phil Kessel trade has been mostly unsatisfactory for all involved - PensBurgh
It hasn’t really gone as hoped after the big trade by the Penguins, Coyotes, Phil or Alex Galchenyuk

The Dispatch: WJC buildup with Jacob Olofsson and coach Tomas Montén - Eyes On The Prize
We speak with the Habs prospect and his coach ahead of an important tournament for both. [Patrik tells me there’s a bit at the end about Sandin, but I haven’t had time to listen yet.]

Buffalo Sabres reportedly have expressed interest in Alex Galchenyuk - Die By The Blade
Elliotte Friedman mentioned the Sabres as a team that is interested in Alex Galchenyuk

Writing is on the wall that Alex Galchenyuk’s stay in Pittsburgh will be a short one - PensBurgh
Are the Pens looking to trade the struggling winger? [points up]

The Colorado Avalanche could trade for Taylor Hall as early as this week - Mile High Hockey
The Avalanche are viewed as the ‘favorites’ to add Taylor Hall

As a palate cleanser from all that news, have this brawl:

I am reminded that Nick Robertson has an older, taller hockey-playing brother watching him here.

Also, this look at prospects running amok reminds me that the early December European break is coming up and I’ll catch us all up on who is doing what in a few days, but I believe Kokkonen is shooting a lot, Räsänen is in Denmark, Holmberg is on the first line again, and Slava Kara had a shooting % of 30 at one point.

Later today, or now, if you slept in, I’ll have a post up about the roster freeze and what that means. Partly what it means is this mini trade rumour frenzy we have going on.

The Leafs are supposed to be practising in Vancouver today, so expect lots of features on the families of the four BC boys: Morgan Rielly, Tyson Barrie, Alexander Kerfoot and Nic Petan.

There will be news from the Board of Governors meeting as well.

Egor Korshkov left the Marlies game on Sunday with some sort of injury, so given this is the Marlies, we may hear what’s wrong soon, or we might just never hear his name mentioned for a few months.

Remember this guy:

And since your thread on the kids today and TikTok cracked me the hell up, I bring you this bit of wisdom from the generation wars:

Does this just explain so much about people my age, or what? Personally, I blame 50 year old movie producers for all those zombie flicks.

I leave you with this, in the original German, because only a poseur listened to the English sell-out to radio version:

Oh, and Kyle Dubas is likely behind this move. Seems like something he’d try.