Leo Komarov is in a spot of trouble while home in Finland for the summer. The Globe & Mail's James Mirtle tweeted out an article from a Finnish newspaper this morning:

The article is here and is by Lasse Kerkelä at HELSINGIN SANOMAT
With some help from Google translate:

Finnish NHL ice hockey player Leo Komarov has been brought against criminal charges Espoo District Court. Prosecutor calls him, according to the District Court's Registry data sentence of two traffic hazard and two fine fraud.

On the basis of offenses Komarov is suspected to function as traffic, so that it could jeopardize the safety of others. In addition, he is suspected of issuing false information about their income, or other similar matters to the authorities.

Reading between the badly translated lines it seems like Komarov's charges would be equivalent to dangerous driving and lying to authorities about his income. Traffic fines in Finland are tied to a persons income, so the larger the income, the larger the fine, as this example shows a millionaire being hit with a $71,000 fine for going 22km/h over the limit (102 in an 80 zone).

A traffic hazard is punishable by fines or up to six months in jail. The fine cheating penalties imposed is, in turn, fines or up to three months' imprisonment.

Komarov's date in court is set for August.