Meaghan Mikkelson wants the nation to name her baby.

The 30 year-old, together with her husband Scott Reid- head coach of the Calgary Inferno- have taken to Twitter to ask Canada what they should name their son, who's expected to arrive in September. They're asking fans to send ideas to Mikkelson's Twitter account @Mikkelson12.

The couple will pick their 8 favourite ideas, and put those 8 names to a vote on the two-time Olympic gold-medalists's website Voting will take place with a bracket-style challenge, complete with a quarter-finals, semifinals, and final.

Why Twitter?

Mikkelson told Sportsnet,"We've kind of been struggling a little bit to come up with names that really stand out to us and that we really, really like," Mikkelson said. "As a Canadian hockey player and a Canadian athlete we get so much support from our fans. We figured why not ask them for help?

It's only fitting for one of Canada's soon-to-be biggest hockey families to name their child in a hockey playoff format.

Mikkelson took this past season off due to the pregnancy, but will hopefully compete with the Calgary Inferno next season.

At the current moment, Mikkelson and Toronto Furies star Natalie Spooner are on tour with the Prairie Toyota Dealers Clarkson Cup Tour, which is bringing the CWHL to fans across the Prairie provinces.

A boatload of good ideas have been rolling in to her Twitter account. A few popular ones include Clarkson and Stanley, named after the NHL and CWHL's prized trophies.

Have a good name for Meaghan Mikkelson's son? Leave it in the comments, and Tweet her @Mikkelson12.

What would you name Meaghan Mikkelson's first son?

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