The season is just about over. And, let's face it: ultimately, it hasn't been that great. There have been the occasional highlights here and there, but when you know your team is going to be bad and you go into games hoping they lose... Perhaps a necessary evil this year; hopefully not one after.

But as we wait for the season winds down, let's take a moment to recognize some of the really talented players on the Maple Leafs - and watch them trash talk each other while they mess around.

First up, there's Leo Komarov vs. Michael Grabner doing stuff like eating popcorn and messing around with little remote control cars, among actual hockey activities:

So THAT'S why Komarov was named an All-Star. All that was so long ago, it's easy to have it slip your mind. But Uncle Leo is the best.

We also get Nazem Kadri vs. Morgan Rielly:

Okay. For all the crap that Kadri's been through to end this season, we can't forget that good lord, he's really, really good at hockey. (Yes, a lot of this is still goofy nonsense, but hitting the GoPro and nailing all three shots through the car is pretty sweet no matter what.) Also, Rielly makes up for his losses in trash talking.

... I can't wait until the Leafs pit William Nylander and Kasperi Kapanen against each other in things like this. Or Mitch Marner against the 2016 first round pick. These are already really awesome (and a nice break from, well, everything else), but it'll be even more awesome when there's more to cheer for.