Hiring John Tortorella to coach the Jackets was tantamount to telling the team that they've behaved very, very poorly and are getting sent to military school. Mary Poppins, he is not, bless his heart. To celebrate this most frank of coaches, here are a few of his best quotes.

"If you're a good loser, you're a loser."

"I deserved to get fired."

"Some of you [reporters] sit here and tell me I’m curt or whatever. I’m not going to have a staring contest. If you don’t ask me questions, I’ll just leave."

"We're not going to whine here. Pittsburgh can whine. Pittsburgh whines enough for the whole league, so there's no room for any other team to whine. We'll just go about our business."

"I'm not Mike. You're done. You are done. Go ahead, asshole."

"You [reporter] were probably beat up at the bus stop most of the time."

"I'm not sure if NBC got together with the refs or what to turn this into an overtime game. For two good refs, I thought the game was reffed horribly. I'm not sure what happened there."

"Ask me a question. Don't say, 'talk about it,' ask me a question. I'm not going to talk about it if it isn't a question."

"I have to make that decision regarding this. So kiss my ass if you want to run something different."

"We suck and we suck at a time we can’t suck."