The Leafs have traded John-Michael Liles and Dennis Robertson for Tim Gleason, per Bob McKenzie:

The best thing to say about this deal is that Dennis Robertson (#25 in our Top 25 Under 25) isn't a critical prospect for the Maple Leafs. Gleason makes $4M against the cap until 2016 compared to Liles' $3.875 over the same time frame.

Carolina Hurricanes' fan @ShutdownLine is worth a follow if you're looking for someone to keep you updated on Hurricanes stuff. Here's his take:

The Leafs had a third pairing logjam of Liles, Paul Ranger and Mark Fraser and by all accounts they haven't changed that with this trade.

This is basically a garbage swap where you give away a problem contract for another bad contract and hope the guy you get improves with a change of scenery. Unfortunately Tim Gleason has battled injuries for a number of years and as a guy on the wrong side of 30 it might end up that he's cooked.


The Liles contract was ugly the day he signed it and I'd hardly call Dennis Robertson a prospect. Maybe Gleason finds his game on the third pairing here or if injuries catch up with him maybe he retires (or just gives us LTIR relief).

In terms of a personnel swap this doesn't seem atrocious, but we'll have to see what Randy Carlyle does with Gleason. If Gleason isn't appropriately protected in the lineup this could be ugly.