The Carolina Hurricanes are holding Tim Gleason out of the lineup until he's traded. Who could possibly want an injured old defenseman on a long contra-

Oh right.

On the surface a Gleason for Liles swap isn't horrendous: they're both problems on similar contracts (though Gleason is slightly more expensive). Liles is three years older, but Gleason has battled injury. Liles has been ok as a 6th d-man this year.

Salary Cap

Gleason makes $4M until 2016, Liles makes $3.875M until 2016, not a big difference but an increase for a Leafs team that's pretty tight against the cap this season.


The real problem here is going to be what that prospect is. The Leafs aren't terribly deep in prospects, and I don't think they'd include Morgan Rielly who is the only guy I'd call a "prospect" skating in the NHL. Aside from Rielly there's Stuart Percy and Matt Finn in the AHL who I wouldn't include. Anybody else wouldn't be a crippling blow.


Dennis Robertson was a Leafs 6th rounder, he's a defenseman who played for Brown in the NCAA. I wish him luck in Carolina but I don't think he's a high price to pay. Here's our writeup on him from Top 25 Under 25.

Early Returns

We'll obviously update this once we know all of the details, but I don't think this is going to pay off for the Leafs. It's at the very best a garbage swap, and at the worst we're about to pay a prospect or worse to perform a garbage swap.

UPDATE: I don't mind tossing Robertson into any deal. We're now waiting to see if either team retained salary.