The Toronto Maple Leafs have 34 players under contract (including unsigned RFAs) who were taken in drafts spanning from 2007 (Jake Muzzin) to Nick Robertson and Mikhail Abramov (2019). Not all of them were drafted by the Leafs, but most were. They also have nine undrafted players.

With 11 picks in this year’s entry draft, the list of drafted players under contract can grow as soon as they start handing out ELCs. With free agency later this week, this list will grow that way as well.

The 11 draft picks in the Leafs hands right now are:

  • 15 - Round One
  • 44 - Round Two
  • 106 - Round Four
  • 122 - Round Four
  • 153 - Round Five
  • 168 - Round Six
  • 177 - Round Six
  • 180 - Round Six
  • 189 - Round Seven
  • 195 - Round Seven
  • 212 - Round Seven/

The players under contract or RFA control by the Maple Leafs as of today are:

Maple Leafs Roster, October 5, 2020

NameDraft YearDraft PositionDraft Round
Matthews, Auston 201611
Tavares, John 200911
Marner, Mitchell 201541
Rielly, Morgan 201251
Nylander, William201481
Campbell, Jack2010111
Liljegren, Timothy2017171
Gauthier, Frédérik2013211
Sandin, Rasmus2018291
Korshkov, Yegor2016312
Dermott, Travis2015342
Petan, Nicolas2013432
Marincin, Martin2010462
Robertson, Nicholas2019532
Holl, Justin2010542
Hållander, Filip2018582
Bracco, Jeremy2015612
Woll, Joseph2016623
Der-Arguchintsev, Semyon2018763
Andersen, Frederik2012873
Brooks, Adam2016924
Warsofsky, David2008954
Malgin, Denis20151024
Scott, Ian20171104
Abramov, Mikhail20191154
Hollowell, Mac20181184
Hyman, Zach20101235
Agostino, Kenny20101405
Kivihalme, Teemu20131405
Muzzin, Jake20071415
Král, Filip20181495
Kerfoot, Alexander20121505
Engvall, Pierre20141887
Johnsson, Andreas20132027
Barabanov, AlexanderUndrafted
Duszak, JosephUndrafted
Kossila, KalleUndrafted
Lehtonen, MikkoUndrafted
Mikheyev, IlyaUndrafted
Rodrigues, EvanUndrafted
Rosén, CalleUndrafted
Rubins, KristiansUndrafted
Veronneau, MaxUndrafted

I think more impressive than the two seventh-round picks is the quality that’s been drafted in the fifth round.