Three players make the top of the list for me.

Peter Ihnačák (1982-1990)
Stats: 417GP - 102G - 165A - 267Pts - 175PM

A 2nd round pick in 1982, Ihnačák came to Toronto from the Czech Republic and spent all of his eight seasons playing in North America with the Maple Leafs. He set the Maple Leafs rookie scoring record of 66 points, which lasted until 2017 when it was broken by Auston Matthews. The longer he was in Toronto, the more games he spent with the Newmarket Saints, until almost the entire 89-90 season was spent in the AHL. After that season he would return to Europe playing in Germany and Switzerland until he retired. He was a European scout for the Leafs from 2005-2015 and currently scouts for the Washington Capitals.

Jim McKenny (1969-78)
Stats: 574GP - 79G - 246A - 325Pts - 288PM

McKenney was a third round pick for the Maple Leafs who was with the team for 13 years. While he was going up and down from the minors he wore #17 but when he made the team full time he picked #18. A scoring defender, McKenny sits 5th all time on the points list for defenders. After retirement he got into broadcasting and became the 6PM news sports anchor on City-TV in Toronto.

Jim Pappin (1963-68)
Stats: 223GP - 54G - 46A - 100Pts - 200PM
Awards: Stanley Cup 1964, 67

Pappin never played a full season in Toronto, he was always up and down between Toronto and Rochester, but when the playoffs came around he was there for the Maple Leafs. He was, in fact, the last Maple Leaf to score the game winning goal to secure the Stanley Cup. Normally I wouldn’t include someone who never played a full NHL season with the Leafs in the top selections, but that’s a pretty good feature for your resume. Pappin would be traded to the Blackhawks in the 1968 off-season for Pierre Pilote. He would stick with the Blackhawks for seven seasons before being traded to the California Golden Seals.

Pappin was in the news a few years ago when his 1967 Stanley Cup ring was found off the coast of Clearwater, FL. He’s currently a scout for the Anaheim Ducks.

Other 18’s

Harold Druken (2003-04)
Stats: 9GP - 0G - 4A - 4Pts - 2PM

Druken spent most of the 03-04 season in Saint John’s and all of the cancelled season there. He played one more season in Switzerland before retiring.

Paul Gardner (1979-80)
Stats: 56GP - 18G - 15A - 33Pts - 10PM

A first round pick for the Kansas City Scouts who made the trip to Colorado when the team relocated, Gardner joined the Leafs in a trade for Don Ashby and Trevor Johansen. The next season he would be traded to the Penguins in a multi-player deal.

Ernie Godden (1981-82)
Stats: 5GP - 1G - 1A - 2Pts - 6PM

A 3rd round pick who never made it, he played 5 NHL games before leaving for Europe.

Bill Juzda (1948-52)
Stats: 211GP - 3G - 29A - 32Pts - 65PM
Awards: Stanley Cup 1949, 51

Juzda came to Toronto in a six player deal from the Rangers in the 1948 off-season. He would win two cups with the Leafs while playing the defensive defenseman. After his second cup he would finish his career with three seasons in the minors.

Chad Kilger (2004-08)
Stats: 219GP - 42G - 33A - 75Pts - 141PM

Kilger was claimed by the Leafs after being put on waivers by the Montreal Canadiens. A former first round pick by the Ducks, he never stuck there but made the Oilers, Coyotes, and Blackhawks before the Leafs. After three years in Toronto he was traded to the Florida Panthers for a third round pick but refused to report. He never played in the NHL again, and officially retired in the 2009 off-season. He is currently a firefighter in Cornwall, ON.

Craig Laughlin (1988-89)
Stats: 66GP - 10G - 13A - 23Pts - 41PM

He played his final season in the NHL with the Leafs putting up 23 points from the wing. After Toronto he played one season in Germany before retiring.

Kevin Maguire (1990-92)
Stats: 66GP - 10G - 13A - 23Pts - 41PM

His second stint with the Maple Leafs started in the 1990 off-season in a trade from the Flyers for a 3rd round pick. It lasted one season and three games before being sent down to the minors again. He would retire in the 1992 off-season.

Kent Manderville (1991-95)
Stats: 136GP - 8G - 15A - 23Pts - 40PM

A draft pick that came from the Calgary Flames in the Doug Gilmour trade, he joined the Leafs after his NCAA season was over in 1991. He spent one more season up and down from St. John’s until sticking in the NHL for two seasons. He would be traded to the Oilers in December 1995 for Peter White and a pick. His son Ethan is eligible for the 2018 NHL draft.

Bob Manno (1981-82)
Stats: 72GP - 9G - 41A - 50Pts - 67PM

Manno wore two numbers in the 81-82 season, #18 and #3. He played one season in Toronto then left for one season in Italy.

Gary Marsh (1968-69)
Stats: 1GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

He played one game for the Maple Leafs, and after spending most of his time in the minors, his rights were traded to the Kings for Jacques Lemieux.

Alyn McCauley (1997-2003)
Stats: 304GP - 33G - 49A - 82Pts - 52PM

McCauley was a New Jersey Devils draft pick originally, but his rights were traded to the Maple Leafs before he signed an NHL contract in the deal that sent Doug Gilmour to the Devils. Joining the Leafs the following season, McCauley spent five and a half seasons with the Maple Leafs until he was traded in March 2003 to the San Jose Sharks along with a pick and Brad Boyes for Owen Nolan. McCauley is currently retired from playing and a scout for the Flyers.

Milan Michalek (2016)
Stats: 18GP - 2G - 6A - 8Pts - 8PM

Michalek came to the Leafs in the Phanuef to Ottawa trade. He played 13 games at the end of the 2015-16 season, and three games at the start of the 16-17 season before being sent to the Marlies. He left the team after last season.

Richard Panik (2014-16)
Stats: 76GP - 11G - 6A - 17Pts - 49PM

Claimed off waivers from the Lightning, Panik played with the Leafs for a season and a half before being traded to the Blackhawks for Jeremy Morin. Panik is now an all-star hall of famer with Chicago, or at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe by some of Twitter.

Scott Pearson (1988-89)
Stats: 9GP - 0G - 1A - 1Pt - 2PM

A first round pick for the Leafs, he wore #18 in his first call up after the OHL season was over. He would return to the Leafs the next season and pick #22 for all his future games.

Wayne Presley (1995-96)
Stats: 19GP - 2G - 2A -4Pts - 14PM

Coming to the Leafs from the Rangers with Nick Kypreos for Bill Berg and Sergio Momesso, in his final NHL season. He would play two more years in the minors and then retire.

Wayne Primeau (2009-10)
Stats: 59GP - 3G - 5A -8Pts - 35PM

Primeau traveled all over the NHL before joining the Leafs: he played for the Sabres, Lightning, Penguins, Sharks, Bruins, and Flames before being traded to the Leafs from the Flames in the 2009 off season with a pick for Anton Stralman, Colin Stuart, and a pick. His year in Toronto would be his final as a player. His son is playing in the OHL and eligible for the 2019 draft.

Dave Reid (1954-56)
Stats: 5GP -0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

While playing at the University of Toronto, Ried played a game or two for the Leafs when the university season was over.

Ron Sedlbauer (1981)
Stats: 21GP -10G - 14A - 24Pts - 14PM

Traded to the Leafs in February 1981 from the Blackhawks for cash, Sedblauer player his final NHL games with the Leafs. He played one season in the minors after that then retired. He is currently president of the junior ‘A’ Burlington Cougars.

Peter White (1995-96)
Stats: 21GP -10G - 14A - 24Pts - 14PM

Traded to the Leafs from the Oilers with a pick for Kent Manderville, White played a few games for the Leafs, then was sent down to the minors. He would move on to the Flyers system the next season.

Jeremy Williams (2008-09)
Stats: 11GP -5G - 2A - 7Pts - 2PM

A 7th round pick with the Leafs, and spent four years going up and down between the NHL and the AHL. He would play two more years in the AHL after leaving the Leafs, and would then go play in Europe, and is currently with the Straubing Tigers of the German league.

Ben Smith (2016-Present)
Stats: 52GP -4G - 6A - 10Pts - 4PM

Ben Smith was claimed off waivers from the Avalanche last season and played the fourth line centre for most of the year. He’s currently with the Toronto Marlies.

Who was the best #18 for the Maple Leafs?

Peter Ihnačák85
Jim McKenny 139
Jim Pappin26
Harold Druken 2
Paul Gardner0
Ernie Godden2
Bill Juzda 2
Chad Kilger8
Craig Laughlin0
Kevin Maguire0
Kent Manderville5
Bob Manno0
Gary Marsh 0
Alyn McCauley40
Milan Michalek0
Richard Panik1
Scott Pearson0
Wayne Presley0
Wayne Primeau 0
Dave Reid2
Ron Sedlbauer 3
Peter White3
Jeremy Williams 0
Ben Smith 3