There are only two more entries where we look at multiple numbers. After that it’s a single number as we count down to the centennial game for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

#39 - William Nylander (2015-2016)
Stats: 22GP - 6G - 7A - 13ts - 4PM
Awards: N/A

His first year in the NHL wee Willie Nylander wore number 39 and potted 13 points in his first taste of NHL action. When he made the roster full time he switched to number 29, in honour of his father Michael Nylander who wore #92 in the NHL. Nylander didn’t put up as many points as some did in #39, but in my opinion he’s the most skilled, even if he only wore that number for a quarter of a season.

Other 39’s:
Kelly Chase (1997)
Chase joined the Leafs after a trade from the Hartford Whalers for an eighth round pick. He played only two games for the Maple Leafs. He was sent to the Blues in the off-season for future considerations.

Jeff Farkas (2000)
Joining the Leafs after four years at Boston College, Farkas was an AHL player who made three appearances with the Leafs, in a different number every time. In #39 he played two games in the 00/01 season.

Matt Frattin (2011-2015)
Frattin joined the Leafs after his NCAA career was over and most notable was traded away from Toronto twice and back to Toronto once. First he was sent to the Kings in the Jonathan Bernier trade, then a year later he was brought back when the Leafs sent Jerry D’Amigo to Columbus. Then he was sent to the Senators in the Dion Phaneuf trade, but he stayed with the Marlies the rest of the year.

Simon Gamache (2008)
Toronto was Gamache’s final stop in the NHL, he joined the Leafs after time with the Thrashers, Predators, and Blues. He played only 11 games and scored four points. After that year he went to Europe and last year played in the LNAH (Goon League).

Travis Green (2002-2003 / 2007)
Joining the Leafs from the Coyotes in the Danny Markov trade in the 01/02 off season Green spent two years in Toronto. He would leave and play with the Bruins and Ducks before the Leafs claimed him off waivers in 2007. The next season he played in Switzerland and has now worked his way up to becoming the head coach of the Vancouver Canucks.

Mike Kennedy (1998)
Signed with the Leafs after three seasons with the Dallas Stars, Kennedy played 13 games with the Leafs and was traded back to the Dallas Stars mid-season.

Ladislav Kohn (1999)
Brought in over the 1998 off season from the Flames Kohn played one season in the Leafs organization, 16 games in the NHL, then joined the Mighty Ducks fro two seasons.

Greg McKegg (2014)
McKegg was a fan favourite as a prospect because of his name and his draft photo which looked like he had just passed gas. His biggest accomplishment was getting traded for new fan favourite Zach Hyman.

Alexei Ponikarovsky (2001)
Poni made his career debut with the Leafs in 2001 wearing #39. He scored four points in 22 games. When he made the Leafs full time he would switch to #22. He’d be traded to the Penguins in 2010 for Luca Caputi and Martin Skoula.

Erik Westrum (2007)
The 06/07 Toronto Marlies captain joined the Leafs for two games. After that season he’d leave to play out his career in Switzerland.

Clarke Wilm (2004-2006)
Wilm was brought up to the Leafs after the lost season because he was cheap and cap management was hard, guys. He had seven points in 70 games with the Leafs, then left to play in Liiga and the DEL.

Ron Zanussi (1981-1982)
The first ever #39 for the Leafs, Zanussi was brought in via trade with the Minnesota North Stars. He would play 55 games with the Leafs and end his career with their farm team, the St. Catharines Saints.

Who was the best #39 for the Maple Leafs?

William Nylander498
Kelly Chase1
Jeff Farkas4
Matt Frattin52
Simon Gamache2
Travis Green81
Mike Kennedy1
Ladislav Kohn0
Greg McKegg9
Alexei Ponikarovsky109
Erik Westrum0
Clark Wilm5
Ron Zanussi5

#38 - Yannick Tremblay (1997-1999)
Stats: 78GP - 4G - 11A - 15Pts - 22PM
Awards: N/A

Tremblay wouldn’t stick with the Leafs after being draft, bouncing between Toronto and St. John’s. He would get picked by the Atlanta Thrashers in the expansion draft and be a mainstay on their blue line for five seasons.

Other 38’s:
Colin Greening (2016)
Greening came to the Leafs in the Phaneuf trade, and stuck with the main team during the tank for Matthews season. He’s spent the past two seasons with the Toronto Marlies.

David Harlock (1996)
Harlock signed with the Leafs for three seasons after ending his NCAA career. He spent most of this time in St. John’s, getting into only eight NHL games.

Brad Leeb (2004)
Leeb would play for the St. John’s Maple Leafs/Toronto Marlies for five seasons but only got into one Maple Leafs game. After his contract was up with the Marlies he’s leave to play in the DEL.

Frazer McLaren (2013-2014)
Claimed on waivers by the Maple Leafs during the 13/14 season, McLaren would be paired up with Colton Orr and either be one of the towers of power or tweedle dee and tweedle dum depnding on who you asked. After being released he would go back to San Jose for one season with the Barracude.

Jay Rosehill (2010-2012)
Rosehill has 192 penalty minutes in 72 Maple Leafs games. He once stole a car at a strip club, then drove it to another strip club.

Chris Snell (1994)
Two games, no points, traded to the Kings.

Who was the best #38 for the Maple Leafs?

Yannick Tremblay145
Colin Greening56
David Harlock3
Brad Leeb3
Frazer McLaren211
Jay Rosehill102
Chris Snell9

#37 - Trevor Kidd (2003-2004)
Stats: 34GP - .888sv% - 3.17GAA - 1SO
Awards: N/A
Drafted by the Flames instead of Martin Brodeur, Kidd signed with the Leafs and was their back up for two seasons, then going to Europe to end his career.

Other 37’s:
Carter Ashton (2012-2015)
Ashton came from the Lightning for Keith Aulie, he played only 54 games over three seasons and is best known for looking sad and failing a drug test.

Casey Bailey (2015)
A hot NCAA player stolen from the Sabres, he’d play out the end f the 14/15 season with the Leafs and then play in the AHL until he was traded to the Seantors in the Phaneuf trade.

Tim Brent (2010-2011)
Who the fuck is Tim Brent?

Kasperi Kapanen (2015-16)
Kappy wore #37 in his nine game stint with the Leafs in 15/16. Coming over in the Kessel trade, Kapanaen hasn’t locked in a spot with the Leafs yet, so he hasn’t picked a number to keep.

Mark Kolesar (1996-1997)
A WHL free agent, Kolesar never stuck with the Leafs, he played 28 games and score four points. After his contract expired his went to Europe to play in the British league.

Don MacLean (1991-1992)
MacLean was acquired from the Kings in 2000 and played three games in Toronto. He would leave after two seasons and float around the AHL.

Jason Podollan (1999)
Acquired from the Florida Panthers for Kirk Muller, Podollan spent most of his time in the AHL, but he got in 10 games with the Leafs. He would then be traded to the Kings for Yanic Perreault.

Doug Shedden (1989)
Joining the Leafs at the end of his NHL career, he played 24 games over his three seasons with the Leafs, only one wearing #37.

Dave Tomlinson (1993)
An NCAA free agent who played a total of six games over two seasons with the Leafs, 3 in #37, he spent most of his career in Germany where he won the championship ion 97, 98, 99, and 2001.

Ian White (2006)
A Leafs sixth round pick in 2002, White wore #37 in the 05/06 season which he spent mostly with the Toronto Marlies before making the Leafs full time and swapping to number 7 for the next 3.5 seasons before he was traded to the Flames to help bring Dion Phaneuf to Toronto.

Who was the best #37 for the Maple Leafs?

Trevor Kidd54
Carter Ashton8
Casey Bailey2
Tim Brent57
Kasperi Kapanen167
Mark Kolesar0
Don MacLean4
Jason Podollan1
Doug Shedden8
Dave Tomlinson2
Ian White236

Tomorrow we look at #’s 36-34 and then it’s a month of single numbers before the Leafs big 2PM on a Tuesday game.