Kalle Kossila was signed by the Maple Leafs in the summer of 2019 to a two-year deal. Meant to be a depth call-up option, instead injuries have limited him to 12 games on the Marlies, most of those early in the season.

With the NHL supposed to begin in a month or so, and the AHL weeks later in February, Kossila has been loaned to a league that is set to begin play on December 17. The DEL (German men’s pro league) has been delaying their start until the German authorities have decided it is safe.

Kossila joins a slow trickle of players still going to Europe to sign deals, in part as the number of ECHL jobs is limited, and because the wait for NHL/AHL action is eating into conditioning.  As a good scoring forward at the AHL level, he should be a big addition to a DEL team.

There is no word if this is a permanent loan. If it is, he will be a UFA when this NHL season ends.