As World Juniors draws closer, the situation around it seems to only grow more farcical. The latest announcement has to do with Team Sweden’s coaching staff, who apparently have posted an 80% COVID-19 positivity rate:

They’re bringing in a backup coach because there’s only one guy on the coaching staff who doesn’t have COVID-19. I am not a mathematician—I leave that to Arvind, and other people who aren’t clinically allergic to numbers—but this seems suboptimal! It’s not limited to coaches, either; at least four players on the Swedish team have also tested positive, which, as they apparently all took a long bus ride together from Stockholm to the training camp site, should be a shock to absolutely no one.

It’s not just Sweden. Quite a few players from other countries (including Germany, Canada, and the USA) have also tested positive and have been dropped from rosters in advance of the tournament, and Canada only recently emerged from a two-week team quarantine after two players tested positive. It’s all well and good to tout plans for a bubble during the tournament, but if individual teams are going to have their own outbreaks seeded by recklessness before they even get to Alberta, should this tournament be happening at all?


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