In last night’s Maple Leafs game against the Panthers, after Nazem Kadri retaliated for uncalled cross-checks by cross-checking a Panther of his own, and got caught for it. Kadri was mad about being singled out for his stick work and...well used his stick to release his emotions.

The end of his stick caught the penalty box attendant in the jaw while Kadri was stomping his feet, and hitting things. The attendant gave him some trouble and Kadri sat still for the rest of the penalty.

TSN’s Darren Dreger said that the NHL has looked at the incident

Kadri, for his part, feels bad about what he did, and has said he apologized in the box to the attendant profusely.

It’s easy to get emotional mid-game, and I’ve seen this from Kadri before. One game when he was playing for the London Knights here against the Niagara IceDogs he took a questionable hit with no call. Kadri was mad and arguing with the official on the ice, but after no call came, he skated back to the bench and threw his stick down to the end of the bench, smashing into the glass right next to my wife’s head.

She is not a big fan of Kadri.

Accidents like this happen and I don’t think the NHL will make an example of him with fines or anything. The cross-check was worse than this and he feels the same way.

Will he face any consequences with that? I bet Babcock would just make him run stairs, but we’ll perhaps see when the lines for tomorrow’s came against the Hurricanes come out.

Should Kadri face any discipline for his mistake?

Yes. NHL officials can’t be touched.142
Not from the league, but internally.258
He’s apologized, let’s let it go.837