The #24 was owned by three people for three decades. Today is our chance to find which one owned it the best.

Bryan McCabe (2000-2008)
Stats: 523GP - 83G - 214A - 297Pts - 785PM

Bryan McCabe was the most recent player to wear #24 for an extended period of time. Coming to the Maple Leafs from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for Alexander Karpovtsev and a fourth round draft pick. McCabe would become a staple of the Leafs blue line for almost a decade. After the lost season and the introduction of the salary cap, McCabes contract was seen as a burden. Remember, the first cap was almost half of what it is today. Eventually after being threatened with being sat at home instead of played, McCabe would waive his no move clause and go to the Florida Panthers. After retirement he joined the Panthers front office and is currently the Director of Player Personnel.

Dan Daoust (1982-1990)
Stats: 518GP - 87G - 166A - 253Pts - 540PM

The Maple Leafs rescued Daoust from the Montreal Canadiens in 1982, giving him up for a fourth round pick. After those horrible four games Daoust would only play in he NHL for the Maple Leafs. An undersized centre, Daoust felt the physical side of 1980’s hockey but fought his way through to be a long time fan favourite in Toronto. Injuries took their toll, he never played a full season, and after the 89-90 season Daoust would go play in Switzerland for seven seasons before retiring.

He retired to Markham, just north of Toronto and spent the past three years as head coach of the Markham Waxers Midget AAA team.

Brian Glennie (1969-1978)
Stats: 554GP - 12G - 98A - 110Pts -599PM

Glennie became a Maple Leafs after one season with Team Canada and Senior A hockey, and one season in the minor leagues. A defensive defenseman, Glennie would cover for his more offensive minded partners such as Borje Salming, Tim Horton and Jim McKenny. He played nine seasons in Toronto and before his final NHL season he would be traded to the Los Angeles Kings. He only played 18 games for LA before retiring.

Other 24’s:

Norm Aubin (1982-1983)
Stats: 69GP - 18G - 13A - 31Pts - 30PM

A third round pick for the Leafs he never played a season that wasn’t at least partially in the minors.

Patrik Augusta (1993-94)
Stats: 2GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

A seventh round pick for the Leafs, after playing two games for the Leafs, he would wait another five seasons before getting in his final two NHL games with the Washington Capitals.

Earl Balfour (1955-56)
Stats: 59GP - 14G - 5A - 19Pts - 40PM

His only full season with the Leafs came in #24, and Balfour would spend the next season with the Rochester Americans.

Drake Berehowsky (1991-92)
Stats: 1GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

He played one game for the Leafs before being sent down to the North Bay Centennials of the OHL.

John Brenneman (1966-67)
Stats: 41GP -6G - 4A - 10Pts - 4PM
Awards: Stanley Cup - 1967

Starting the season in the minors, he would be called up and rewarded with a Stanley Cup at the end of the season. This would be his only season with the Maple Leafs.

Mike Byers (1967-1969)
Stats: 15GP -2G -2A - 4Pts - 2PM

Byers spent most of his Leafs career in the minors and as traded in to the Flyers at the 68-69 season deadline.

Gary Collins (1959 Playoffs only)
Stats: 2GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

He played the whole season with the New Westminster Royals in BC, but was flown in for two playoff games in 1959.

Vitezslav Duris (1980-81)
Stats: 57GP - 1G - 12A - 13Pts - 50PM

Came to North America and played two seasons in Toronto sandwiched around one in Cleveland in the AHL. He would return to Europe to play in Germany.

Aut Erickson (1967 Playoffs only)
Stats: 1GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 2PM
Awards: Stanley Cup - 1967

Aut played for the Victoria Maple Leafs in the Senior WHL and came in for one important playoff game. He would go back out west to the Oakland Seals after that.

Jonas Frogren (2008-09)
Stats: 41GP - 1G - 6A - 7Pts - 28PM

One season with the Leafs, one with the Marlies and then he went back to Sweden.

Per Gustafsson (1997-98)
Stats: 22GP - 1G - 4A - 5Pts - 10PM

A Panthers draft pick he played two seasons in North America; one in Florida and another split between Toronto and Ottawa. The Leafs would get him from Florida for Mike Lankshear, and six months later they would send him to Ottawa for an 8th round pick. After that season he would return to Sweden.

Peter Holland (2013-2017)
Stats: 174GP - 25G - 38A - 63Pts - 79PM

Holy crap he played almost 200 games? Wow, ok. He came to the Leafs from the Ducks and he spent eh 13-14 season with the Ducks, Admirals, Leafs and Marlies. After two full seasons with the Leafs he was traded to the Coyotes for a conditional pick whose conditions were not met. He’s currently playing with the Laval Rockets in the AHL.

Brent Imlach (1965-66)
Stats: 2GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

The son of GM/coach Punch Imlach made it into a few Leafs games, but he just played junior and college hockey.

Gary Jarrett (1960-61)
Stats: 1GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

That’s J-A-double R-E-double T, Gary Jarrett played one game for the Leafs and didn’t catch on in the NHL until the late 60’s where he would play for the Seals and Red Wings before leaving for the WHA.

Eddie Joyal (1965-66)
Stats: 14GP - 0G - 2A - 2Pts - 2PM

After three seasons with the Red Wings, he joined the Leafs for one, played for two different minor league teams during the 65-66 season and He’d play for the expansion Kings and then the WHA Oilers.

John-Michael Liles (2011-2013)
Stats: 98GP - 9G - 29A - 38Pts - 24PM

His first two seasons with the Leafs were in #24. He came to Toronto in a deal at the 2011 draft from the Avalanche for a second round pick. After two seasons he would switch to #26 then be traded early on.

John MacMillan (1961-62)
Stats: 31GP - 0G - 1A - 1Pts -8PM
Awards: Stanley Cup - 1962

He would split the season in the AHL, but came up and played in the playoffs to help the Leafs win their second cup in a row.

Al MacNeil (1955-58)
Stats: 67GP - 4G - 8A - 12Pts -95PM

Up and down from Toronto to Rochester was his career until he joined the Canadiens in the 61-62 season.

Darryl Maggs (1979-80)
Stats: 5GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

Five games that year with the Leafs, then he would leave to play in Switzerland.

Willie Marshall (1954-55/1958-59)
Stats: 25GP - 1G - 5A - 6Pts -2PM

Played mostly in the AHL in his time with the Leafs and when he left he would stay in the AHL, mostly with Hershey and Baltimore.

Jack Martin (1960-61)
Stats: 1GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

One NHL game with the Leafs then retired after four seasons in the minors.

Jim Morrison (1951-1954)
Stats: 133GP - 10G - 20A - 30Pts - 91PM

Coming over from the Bruins for Fleming MacKell, Morrison played half his career in #24, then switched to #3 for the latter half of his time with the Leafs. He would be traded back to the Bruins in 1958 for our #26 representative,  Allan Stanley. He’d be a junior coach after retiring and a scout for the Bruins for 18 seasons.

Mike Nykoluk (1956-57)
Stats: 32GP - 3G - 1A - 4Pts - 20PM

A long time Hershey Bear, he played half a season for the Leafs in #24. After he retired he’d go into coaching, and be the Leafs head coach from 1980-1984.

Tom Pederson (1996-97)
Stats: 15GP - 1G - 2A - 3Pts - 9PM

This one is interesting. He started the 96-97 season playing in Japan for Seibu Bears Tokyo, went to Saint John’s, Toronto, then ended the season with the IHL Utah Grizzlies.

Michel Petit (1991-92)
Stats: 54GP - 9G - 19A - 28Pts - 132PM

Coming to Toronto in a multi-player deal with the Nordiques, Petit wore #24 in his final games in Toronto. He would be packaged up and sent to the Flames in the Doug Gilmour trade.

Joe Sacco (1991-92)
Stats: 34GP - 1G - 18A - 19Pts - 95PM

A fourth round pick, he’d never make the Leafs full time and he would be picked by the expansion Ducks in the 1993 expansion draft. He’d stick in the NHL then, playing for the Ducks, Islanders, Capitals, and Flyers. He’s currently an assistant coach with the Boston Bruins.

Terry Sawchuk (1964-65)
Stats: 36GP - 17W - 2.56GAA - 1SO
Awards: Vezina Trophy - 1965

The Leafs got Sawchuk in the 1964 off season from the Red Wings, and he would win the Vezina in his first season in Toronto. After this season he would switch to #30, and if you haven’t voted for him to rep that number go do it now.

Don Simmons (1962-1964)
Stats: 49GP - 24W - 2.82GAA - 4SO

Simmons wore #24 the last two years of his Leafs career, and then spent the rest of his time moving up and down in the Rangers system.

D.J. Smith (1999-2000)
Stats: 3GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 5PM

Smith came to the Leafs from the Islanders in the trade that began Wendel Clark’s second stint in Toronto. He never played for the Islanders, being in the OHL at the time of the trade. He spent most of his career in the AHL, and after retiring he would coach in the OHL for 11 seasons, and has spent the past three seasons as the Leafs assistant coach.

Scott Thornton (1990-91)
Stats: 33GP - 1G - 3A - 4Pts -30PM

Drafted third overall by the Leafs the year they only scouted the Belleville Bulls, he would only play 33 games for the Leafs before being traded to the Oilers in a seven player deal. He’d go on to play for the Oilers, Canadiens, Stars, Sharks, and Kings before retiring to his awesome house.

Randy Wood (1994-1996)
Stats: 94GP - 20G - 20A - 40Pts -70PM

Randy Wood (giggles) joined the Leafs at the end of his career. He would then be traded with Benoit Hogue to the Stars for Dave Gagner and a pick.

Who was the best #24 for the Maple Leafs?

Bryan McCabe216
Dan Daoust 25
Brian Glennie37
Norm Aubin0
Patrik Augusta1
Earl Balfour 0
Drake Berehowsky 3
John Brenneman0
Mike Byers 0
Gary Collins1
Vitezslav Duris 1
Aut Erickson 1
Jonas Frogren0
Per Gustafsson0
Peter Holland 2
Brent Imlach 0
Gary Jarrett0
Eddie Joyal0
John-Michael Liles 0
John MacMillan 0
Al MacNeil 0
Darryl Maggs 0
Willie Marshall0
Jack Martin0
Jim Morrison1
Mike Nykoluk 0
Tom Pederson 0
Michel Petit 0
Joe Sacco0
Terry Sawchuk 23
Don Simmons 1
D.J. Smith1
Scott Thornton 0
Randy Wood3