The Maple Leafs came out of the gate and fell flat on their faces last night. The Lightning scored only 78 seconds into the game and then it was all downhill from there.  The Leafs were booed off the ice in the first period, while that didn't happen at the end of the game, mostly because starting down a 7-3 loss, half of the crowd had already left the building.

Here's our full recap of the game:

Toronto Maple Leafs Playoff recap: Game one loss
The Toronto Maple Leafs placed fourth in the NHL this season. Fourth in the Eastern Conference. Second in the Atlantic Division. 13 points ahead of the Tampa Bay Lightning, their first round opponents. And then…

And for the other side of things, here's what they saw at Raw Charge:

Lightning ride power play to Game One victory over Toronto, 7-3.
In a reversal from last season’s Game One, it was the Tampa Bay Lightning that blew out the Toronto Maple Leafs in the opening match of their first round series. Six different Lightning players found the back of the net as they jumped to an early three-goal lead, and then

Hear is the story from the mouths of the players.

We're also waiting to hear today what will happen to Micahel Bunting.

Yeah, this one doesn't look good and I won't be surprised if he's out for the next game. But if he's going to be this reckless he's not an asset out there.

So where do you sit on this game overall?

There seem to be two camps, the first is "calm down it's only one game," vs. the second "yes, it's only one game, but that was one hell of a bad game." I'm in the latter camp and I'm worried.

The next game is tomorrow night, but this time it's a normal 7:00 p.m. start.

Other News

Here are the scores from the other games last night. Including the Leafs, the home teams all lost their game:
Rangers 5 - Devils 1
Jets 5 - Golden Knights 1
Kraken 3 - Avalanche 1

This big hit flew under the radar here in Toronto because it happened really late Monday night and everyone was wrapped up in the local game here yesterday. But it has proved controversial, however the NHL has said there will be no supplemental discipline. Here's a breakdown of what happened.

Dallas Stars Afterwords: When Player Safety Comes Second
In a tightly contested Game 1 that went to double-overtime, there’s really only one thing to be discussed right now.
No Hearing for Wild’s Dumba on Hit that Injured Stars’ Pavelski
Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba won’t face supplemental discipline from the NHL for his hit that injured Dallas Stars center Joe Pavelski.

In prospect news, Saskatoon (Brandon Lisowsky and Josh Pillar) lost again last night and are down 3-0 to Red Deer. Sarnia (Ty Voit) won and are up 3-1 on Saginaw and seem fated to meet the London Knights in the next round. The Kamloops Blazers (Fraser Minten) play tonight.

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