William Lagesson is 27, listed at 6'2" and 196 lb, and he is a left-shooting defender. He was drafted by the Oilers in 2014, 91st overall. In his more recent seasons in the NHL he shows healthy and meaningful defensive impacts in limited usage. He spent last season in the AHL, where he was almost at .5 points per game. No one should expect that in the NHL where he only has 60 games played.

As a defensive defenceman of the size that tends to make people happy, it's a surprise he didn't break through into the NHL before now, but a contract last season with Carolina put him on the hardest team to make.

He looks to be an interesting depth player who you want to see more of before you judge. He signed for $750,000 last year.

The Maple Leafs have confirmed this is a two-way deal for league minimum of $775,000.