Hello Maple Leafs fans!

Normally we would start the recap by talking about the game, but we're going through some stuff here, and trying to figure out what to do with everything.

A lot of you submitted comments on our site survey and recaps were talked about a lot in it. How you appreciate them, how you don't care for them, how they keep you connected to the game when you can't watch or that you just want the highlights without commentary.

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I struggle with recaps a lot because I can't focus on players during action (My doctor says something about needing strong ADD meds that my insurance won't cover or something  I wasn't listening). With Omar making GIFs for games, it helps focus on the big events, but so many other people can analyse and see the game much better than myself.

Really, myself, I recap out of obligation and quotas. I'm fine admitting I'm just not smart and quick enough to really breakdown a play or see what certain players do differently, or hell, even know who's on the ice just by their numbers outside the top lines.

The last couple seasons I've struggled getting anything done, probably like a lot of people. My heart hasn't been in it and it's been a lot of going through the motions. The drafts section of our editor is piled high with series and stories I've gotten midway through and just....left. I don't know.

The Maple Leafs played the Senators tonight and, really, I should do my best effort everytime and this should be something to get up for, but...I don't know. Why do my best for someone (or something, SBN, vox. Etc..) that's only going to reward people who don't care.

You care! You're reading this! I should do it for you! And I'm sorry. It's hard to get up for it right now.

So, the Leafs vs Senators.

Matt Murray was supposed to start tonight, but when the starting line came out, Ilya Samsonov was in the net. It seems a high shit from William Nylander got Murray, so he's Samsonov. That's a good sign.

We start with Michael Bunting and Brady Tkachuk setting the tone with both going off roughing within the first 30 seconds.

The Senators opened the scoring when Thomas Chabot got one past Samsonov 90 seconds in.

Joey Anderson replied with his second of the night, showing us that we don't need Auston Matthews, not at all.

William Nylander almost made it 2.

Pontus Holmberg gets a double minor for high sticking, but the Senators don't get the full four minutes on the power play after a Too Many Men call on the Sens, served by Tkachuk.

The first period ends tied at ones, Leafs lead in shots 15-13.

The second begins with Brady Tkachuk Tkachuking it up, and making it 2-1 Ottawa.

Pontus Holmberg draws a tripping penalty against Nikita Zaitsev, giving the Leafs another power play opportunity.

William Nylander takes advantage of the power play chance and ties the game.

Side note: Zaitsev would still be a Leaf if they hadn't somehow convinced Ottawa to take him. Amazing.

Then Pontus Holmberg trips someone himself (Claude Giroux) and gives the Senators another power play, and on that man advantage Derek Brassard gets on in the net off Timothy Liljegrens stick, to get the lead back.

Michael Bunting gets a bit carried away, called for boarding.

Mark Giordano keeps it close though, defending like a player half his age.

As the second period gets close to it's end, Drake Batherson doubles the Senators lead, and it's now 4-2 Ottawa.

This game seems to have a little battle of penalities, as Mark Giordano gets tripped, giving the Leafs their fourth power play of the game.

The final few minutes of the second is spent on an unfulfilled power play and the period ends with the Senators up 4-2.

It's hockey to open the third, skating, up and down the ice. Taking shots, nothing too much to worry about

But, uh, Let's spice up the third with a goal, eh?

Oops. Wrong team. Tkachuk again. 5-2 Sens.

Everyone is tripping everyone today!

Sigh. Senators scored. Claude Giroux. 6-2.

They played a bad team. They played badly. Ottawa took advantage and won. I phoned it in.

Leafs are off tomorrow. They host the Capitals Sunday night at 5PM.

Remember! 5PM!

Or don't. Whatever. The Leafs don't seem to care.