As of Friday August 21, PPP has revealed the first 10 players in our 2015 Top 25 Under 25. PPP commenters have had a lot to say about our selections! Now is your chance to show us how you would rank the players on the list so far.

In the poll below you can vote on our selections from 16 to 25; plus the next five players who didn't make the list; and by popular demand, you can rank Martins Dzierkals too.

Think a player is ranked too high? Vote them down. Think a player is too low? Vote them up. You can skip a player to leave them where they are. You can change your vote from yes to no and back again as often as you like until Friday September 4.

The top five as ranked by you in this poll will move on to our next poll in two weeks, joining the players we selected for ranks 15 to 6.

Vote and tell us what you think! Be sure to check back often to see the rankings update and to change your vote if a player moves too high or too low.

NB: the list is embedded from a template which updates with newly recorded votes about every 5 minutes. If you refresh the page before the update, you may not see your votes tallied. Just wait and come back a few minutes later.

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