Carlton the Bear, noted artist, is back at it again. Last time, he painted James van Riemsdyk, though his teammates had a really difficult time figuring it out - probably because they all ignored the obvious green mouthguard clue.

This time, though, the video is much shorter. Carlton didn't even make them work for it - Jake Gardiner's #51 is very clear on his shoulder, and everyone gets it pretty much right away.

And of course, Morgan Rielly finds a way to trash talk him: "I don't know exactly what he's doing on the ice. ... He looks pretty off-balance."

The inspiration is, of course, from a picture of Gardiner celebrating a goal, explaining the pose. Though I'll be honest - I didn't even see his head at first, the bright yellow used to outline it just... not super visible on white paper.

As for JvR's confusion, I'm pretty sure the top of the paper is the crowd watching! It's abstract. He at least compliments it at the end - and of course Gardiner is a fan of the work all along.